Saturday, December 11, 2010


who wants to laugh
i'd throw my head back so hard it surely would shatter
an escape.

is it a lack of chronic
or a lack of *
that makes me void of hunger

the question i ask most
what the hell is going on

the wall

the wall:::::::::::::::
and surely it achieves its purpose
for here i sit
the worst sort of mime.

things of which i am certain

i have a future.
i sit patiently
waiting for it to bloom before my eyes

encouragement is what it needs
that i decided long ago

so i sit here.
stroking my future
wanting so badly
to drink it up

it drips with promise
with its desire to share its secrets
its knowledge

she moaned
and i knew,
it was time.

too sober angel

wings drenched in tar
this angel is looking for a drink
point me to the nearest bar

i'll drag my feet there
and with a sigh
drain that class of sweet relief

sweetheart i drag these damn wings with me
everywhere i go, how about you?
what weight is on those fragile shoulders of yours

will we cry or laugh
does it matter?
long as we go far

big red

torn from flesh
she seeks solace
(in the bloody folds of skin left after battle)


he asked me where i got those eyes
i told him from my mother, when my father died

uncooked cherry pie

the thought of cherry pie made his mouth water
unattractive, gobs of spit that he let freely fall
his dehydration showed in that thick mucus of spit

he was amazed at how sweet it tasted
the skin like undercooked pie crust
soft, pliable, and white

he saved the best for last
and with the encouragement of her moans
equal to that of a roar of applause
he ate until his heart was full

again and again
she came [to him]
in his dreams he ran salivating down a narrow hallway
no matter how hard he tried
he could never run fast enough to reach that sweet
cherry pie

all day long he thought of her creamy, soft thighs
he came again to uncooked pie


i longed to take a picture of your face at every hour of the day

to show you what you are


soft whispers
of the purest form
h two 0h

the significance you cannot pronounce
rely on your other senses

circlecircle dotdot

drowning in my opinions
thirsty for life

twitching in public
i find this expression permanent

my hope your hope our hope

there she sat
literally gleaming

with hope.

unknown forces kept his hands heavy
his eyes remained hungry

she begged
he pleaded
in the end he left with his belt looped

he said he glimpsed her reaching for
that powerful machine as he left

feeling it

shiny specks of hope
my soul being like cheese they radiate from my pores

untrained eyes have nothing. mean nothing.
i sing with the possibilities
and weep with the doubts

you are left wanting


as i held his hand,
i looked out upon my life laid out before me.
it was all a blear before my eyes.

so sluggish was my vision, as i gazed down upon our two hands
joined together.

i detached his from mine
one by one.

- clear vision on my side once again,
i took that first step out into my nothingness,
i took it with a smirk

life has a way of moving too fast,
too slow.

the truth tastes worse then shit

if you ever wonder why someone would tell a lie
watch them tell the truth

it spills out of their mouths in an elastic smile
it slips out on purpose as a subliminal intentional warning

take heed and run for cover
squeeze them tight and repeat step1
let it all spill out of your mouth, matching grins are all the rage

today is opposite day
today is opposite day
today is opposite day
today is opposite day

together or separate

im sitting praying for iron bubbles
while my insides swallow some sticky slimy

smooth sailing
in a life of 'rough seas'
how i hate those that complain
knowledge is scary

staring contests and early beers
hangovers last a lifetime
i can never remember why i was scared

as of now

carelessness leads to the same place as vigilance

i think i'm gunna have a heart attack

my dog is staring at me with pleading eyes
perhaps he just has to shit

in any case he has the hots for natalka

i am laying in a pile of shit on my bed and am gunna go smoke a bowl on my porch while natalie reads harrypotter and my brotherandmother are working on a puzzle

cosmos make me sleepy
and stagnant nights make me pleasantly forlorn

ps. my room makesmewonder
wtf am i running from


days pass by.
weeks in the blink of an eye.
months in one short hurried breath,
and years in the time it takes to say you're sorry.

an analytic life
put on pause ≠

she is consumed with memories
and tempted with the uncertainty of the future.

if only she was partial to fruit.
-instead, its the thought of today
that makes her smirk

on the tip of my tongue

memories call for all senses.
they demand time,
in quarters of each year.

-- the unexpected,
work so like a clock.

fuck what should i call this

i am the opposite of smooth
coarse and boisterous
i like to play

double penetration

where you will find solace
you are bound to encounter pain
the pain in kneeling
the sweat of comforting embraces
the everlasting sweetness of some unwelcome skin condition

sloppy smile

i have no regrets and i miss not a one
i do not believe in phantoms and excuses
i do not live for hope
i breath and excrete my carbon dioxide
wander, wonder
there are no rules to life,
somehow that is forgotten

on a whim

'all the things' have this pungent aroma of *something*. it makes me want to stick my tongue out, and squish up my face into a shape that appears to be mocking something

sometimes i surprise myself

shall i say something vague
am i allowed to say nevermind

they are abundent
and so bright

just to get it down

i dont
play dirty
i dont play fair
i dont play at all
cuz i dont care

on your knees

i hope that i scare the shit outta you
i hope that when you see me
you purposely look away

i want to make it awkward
so awkward

you can barely look at me
and next you're begging me
to pullup my skirt

smiles can mean so much
and you wont get an answer out of me tonight
not a sigh
nor a moan,
ive fucked you everywhere
only its in my mind

sometimes i write things

tell me your dark secrets
and i'll lift my veil

tell me you want me
and i'll take off the last

between me and you
this is what i dream about

between me and you
this is true


last night in one of my dreams,
i saw a girl trying to slowly cut a tigers head
straight in half,
down between the eyes

she didn't saw,
it was more forceful then that,
she simply placed the blade there
and wondered,
then she started to press.

i could see it all and all the blood and brains
and worst of all.
his face, in silent pain

she convinced herself
perhaps for me
that she hadn't done it,
not for real

a dream within a dream

i sleep longer
broken up inbits

poems writings thoughts.

so from now on i will post all my writings poems whatever on here.
it seems to be the best way.

so i shall start by transferring my fb posts of my writings to this site. then other chosen ones, and recent ones.

i'spose i will post them each separate for easy viewing purposes

i hope you enjoy.
and btb these are of no sane mind................................they are from me, after all.
they say things i cant. they talk about my feelings, of which i am never lacking.


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