Sunday, May 6, 2012

drip drop the tick is mocking

bloody destruction

emotions thrown like weapons
discarded on the floor,
and tears that burn like acid


burns, they hurt the worst

scarred by your obsessive need to hold onto fire

blackened skin and bleeding hearts
long white fingers that beckon you near
(ever closer to that flame)
it seems to hold all your deepest desires
abandon what you will, and feel all the regret and guilt
(because you are mine and i see no point in denying) 
run and run away from me
but in the end you will be filled with glee
with ecstasy 

Friday, May 4, 2012

standing in front of the open door

the uncharacteristic silence of that night
how it filled me with a sense of peace and of dread

i long for sleep for it carries into me dreams

places that always seem familiar and yet make me feel ill at ease 
people that i speak to, who flow in and out as if they are phantoms
the feeling of being shot, the tingling fear of people who mean me harm
and yet, in them i find a comfort that quickly recedes after waking


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