Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my face

after the fall

turns out

falling on your face really isn't funny... at all.

i misplaced three front teeth and chipped four of them...when i got to the dentist i informed her that i didn't want to look in the mirror... not for vanity reasons but because it scared me how bad it was. she took some x rays and then numbed me up.... then she stood behind me and forced my three teeth that had been severely pushed back... forward. i heard her say something to the other doctor about manipulating the palate or something. it wasn't fun... i was numbed up but i could feel a big pressure and even the nurse there couldn't watch her do this.

she did an amazing job and they pretty much look the same as before... then the second doctor fixed the chips in my teeth. and finally a wire was placed across my front teeth and glued in place to hold my teeth steady because they were loose... i had not broken any teeth (besides the chips) but had broken some of my upper jaw, the part that holds the teeth in place. this wire sort of acts like a cast would on a broken arm.

in six weeks i get the wire removed... then i get four possibly five root canals. then i will probably get impressions so that i can get invisiline..

and finally.... years down the road my teeth will probably start to turn black and i will have to get veneers.
until i get veneers i cannot bite into anything like apples...corn on the cob...etc... the chip fix stuff isn't strong enough... it would probably break and i would have to go back and get it fixed again.

i kind of have a black eye and my cheek is a bit swollen and there is a bruise on my chin from when i fell.

this all happened because i was at my friends house and we had all been drinking...they were playing with whipped cream and i didn't notice that they had spilt some on the floor and i slipped on it, my reaction time was off because i was drunk so i didn't put my arms out and fell straight on my face.
it was all an accident and could have happened to any one of us... so i'm not mad and i don't blame anyone.

alcohol isn't fun for me anymore... and this obviously sealed the deal.. i am not going to drink anymore. after sleeping on and off after it happened i would wake up and think.. oh thank god! it was just a dream... then i would feel my misplaced teeth in my mouth and remember that it wasn't. not a good feeling. i never want anything like this to happen again.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

last night

i fell on my face. i was in the emergency room for 9hours. four cracked teeth and misplaced front tooth. dentist appointment tomorrow to get it fixed.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the shit pile is getting bigger!

My tuition is due next week and my loans aren't enough to pay it. And I submitted a form asking for increase on my loans but it will take ten more business days to process. If I don't pay it by the 23rd they are going to drop me from all of my classes and then I guess thats that. I still haven't gotten my books either and I wanted to start reading before classes started (class starts on Thurs). Oh and my gas and internet bill is due at the end of the month as well.... then its rent on the 1st.. then credit card bill. Then probably my electric bill......... oh did I mention I am completely out of money?

yup... life is just super right now!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


in a month or two i am going to be getting a bunny like this one!
lookbook look.

.... so things have been alright here in LA. School starts the 22nd...finally. I of course am still having money issues.. so there is still a constant feeling of pressure and worry. I cannot wait till next month when all this is settled.


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