Saturday, September 28, 2013

cardboard won't stand the rain

you're twisted
(uninterpreted, badly explained, unknowing, ignorant)
 words hurt my heart
you're illusional truth 
cuts my soul

cardboard cutouts of equality cannot fool me
my gut along with my mind knows the 

i cut it from my soul and from my mind
i am more 

a 3-dimentional version of your reality

the scars
   and the verbal 
are tangible 

keys are not only a weapon
they open the doors of truth

see it before you fall victim 
to being a perpetrator of inequality 


wanna know re@lity?
taste it on the tips of my fingers

suck it till the dream is gone
replaced with 9to5 
you're complacent compliance
ticktock drip drop

bathroom breaks to pass the time 
all in all i'd say you're a victim of "mine"

choice// choice choice// is the word of this

i'd like to help you find the way
problem is
i "choose" not to 

so here you are,
pink, raw, and on your own

solutions aren't necessarily the solution anymore
more important than their
confused confused disinterested answers

beg and taunt you equally

there is so MUCHMORE 
to talk about than the "weather"

easy doesn't suit ANYONE


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