Monday, April 25, 2011

a novel by moi

this is the start of something that may turn out to be a novel by me.

"Another day, ....another..penny?" Charlie's foot fell with some finality on the top step of her parent's front porch. As her foot hit the hard cool pavement it triggered a momentary slowed consciousness. In quick succession she contemplated her situation; the lack of money, self esteem/ respect, and the all together stagnant position of her so called life.
With a somewhat deflated mood she walked to her car. As she was fumbling with the key (yes, she unlocked her car the old fashioned way. A habit she could never fully explain) she thought about how buying this new car had been her biggest mistake. After all, her main issues with money revolved around her inescapable car payment. If she was in a particularly bad mood she could blame the fact that she was almost 23 and still living at home on the $300 a month she paid in bills.

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