Sunday, October 23, 2011


that's my life right now. my teeth still hurt.. they are so sensitive to cold that even breathing in and out hurts... and i still can't bite into anything, it's been six weeks since the accident. i previously thought that my pain when biting into ANYTHING at all was because of the broken or fractured bones. maybe it was in the beginning... but now i'm speculating that its actually the extreme sensitivity that is causing the other pain i experience on a daily basis.

next weekend i'm driving up to the bay area to get the wire removed. was going to get root canals which i really need... but i guess that part of my appointment has been canceled cuz we are getting someone else to do it. just hoping that i get them sooner rather then later.

today i realized that i am sort of obsessed with nail polish. i have no many now and i change it often. hmmm

here is one i got today.. in the pic it sort of looks like its grey but its a greyish purple.

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