Thursday, April 5, 2012

failure was never an option

so much is changing
i find myself trying to as well
life is different now, and i find myself looking up instead of down
i've been through a lot and i am strong and capable of being who i imagine myself to be.
i am capable of achieving these goals.
i am doing well in school and i can't help but be proud.
next tues i also begin my volunteer work at a battered women's shelter and that is something i am looking forward to experiencing.

with all these positive aspects of life i still know i've got a way to go before my gut reaction to the question; are you happy? is yes. right now it's no.

but i'm doing more then surviving in many aspects of my life, i am thriving.
now it's time to work on those other aspects. because one day i will know again the feeling of excitement when you meet someone new. one day i will do more then smirk, i will smile.

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