Thursday, November 21, 2013

hopscotch bitch

stars in her eyes and you fancy yourself an astrologer
your preDICKtions are worthless

this starry eyed girl 
   finds herself in pain

so you change your job description
your vain,
in vain

          try to match her

not even a forensic scientist could correctly interpret her 
blood begot by pain

it's broken path is unintelligible to all
(but herself)

her story 
her life

alone she allows the darkest parts of herself
bring into light all that she forgets when she is in this
cardboard plastic fake world

your worthlessness she values
this show she can at times enjoy

but truth is her motive
and truth comes by way of drink

she isn't scared
you think she is forlorn,
but that's something she knows

she isn't a step ahead
she doesn't walk
but she floats above it all, 
at times you can see her toes touch the ground

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