Thursday, December 12, 2013

when in desperation forward seems backward

Here is the place that I sat
Here is where my soul weighed me down 

I marked it as mine 
So long ago

But you're here now
And I can't say I like the way 
The way in which you fill that space

That spacespot where my soul
Churned, burned. 
I remember how it was brought to boil

How can you say you know
How can you say that
When I can still smell my own burnt flesh 
When with mine keen eye I can still spot the indentation that I made

If I must I'll remove you myself
I cannot stand your weight replacing mine
I'm not ready 
But you wouldn't understand

How can one so cold 
Know the lingering feeling of oneself burned for so many years
Discomfort became comfort
Shifting sands made wet with tears from pain 

They had given it strength to stand on its own 
And now you expect me to welcome the piercing sun and thank it for drying up my strength 

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