Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Down the rabbit hole that is my street at 4am

    I awoke at four am in the morning. Not terribly surprising as I had been tossing and turning all night. This is simply to point out that I am not sure if it was my sister's cats howling that indeed what woke me or if it was simply apart of the nights general pattern. In any case, something was different, a strange noise. Upon straining my ear while I laid in bed contemplating my state of awakeness, I heard a howl, and it was not a happy howl (to be fair I don't think a cats howl is ever a good sign), not being one to ignore an animal (and my sisters at that) in distress I got myself out of bed and through the front door. 
    My arrival outside the house seemed so surreal and sudden, and for I'm sure many reasons, I wondered if playing fighting cat noises outside late at night was perhaps a rapists m.o.. Naturally I got a little worried, I looked to my left and right but saw no signs of danger so I continued on and began softly calling his name. Ten seconds or so later I hear a response (I hope not directed at me), another loud and mean howl. I can barely see him, there at the end of the street and there isn't another cat in sight, yet. I begin walking in such a way as to make haste yet not scare the god damned skittish bastard off (he was my sisters cat after all). When walking to the semi illuminated corner I even had the time to say to myself, "This is rather an odd situation I find myself in". 
    I'm there, close enough to make out that there are indeed two cats involved, in an apparent standoff. This brings some relief that he isn't injured or simply insane, howling into the night for no reason. (I keep fucking thinking of Allen Ginsberg). When I get close enough the two cats part ways and I squint and approach, "Kitty?.... Is that you?... Come here Kitty". He doesn't come here, in fact he walks the fuck off underneath a neighbors car, but not before pausing. He seems to taunt me with that pause, because I know it means he's recognized me, and dismissed me because I am indeed not my sister. I stay for a few minutes more, attempting to coax him out from underneath their damn minivan. All the while I keep thinking maybe it's the Vicodin I took and what if I'm somehow tripping or something. I softly say "fuck it" and begin my short walk back down the street to my house, in my pjs without my shoes. 
    When I open the door and step back inside my cat Penny is waiting, seemingly anxious. I pick her up and bring her with me back to bed, where for a few minutes she furiously demands a great number of pets. I can tell she was worried and feels lovey because she bites me while I pet her, a gem my cat, a real gem. After she feels satisfied and dismisses me, I lay back down and write this, because my god; what a weird event. And now if you'll excuse me, I'll lay back down and cuddle my giant stuffed white rabbit. 

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