Thursday, January 6, 2011

sallisaw, oklahoma

i recently went to sallisaw, oklahoma for vacation with my family. brothersistermotherfather. so we had a good deal of family there. it was fun, boring, annoying, and awesome. it was really cold so we couldnt go out on the four wheelers for hours at a time like we do in the summer. but we still shot guns, fished, rode around on four wheelers, and went to super walmart almost everyday. and i ate at braums way too much too, but its ok cuz i ate junior cheeseburgers :) . anyway, sallisaw isnt exciting but its where all my dads family lives. so it was worth it.

we went becuz we havent all been in years n years and my grandpa has real bad lung problems so it was time to go and see them because they cant travel anymore. all in all im glad i went.

right before i went i had burned my hand pretty bad at work. so i was wearing a bandage most of the time. luckily i am feeling much better and ready to get back to work. i work a couple days this week and then next week its 6days! crazy crazy.

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