Thursday, January 13, 2011


well yesterday was my only day off this week. so here i am sitting in my room waiting for the 30min to pass before i have to go to work.

but yesterday was a good day (for the most part.... the only downside was the severe and weird stomach cramps i had all day)
i went to wc to see my mum and go out to lunch, then i got my nails done....ANNNDDD bought a NEW PURSE! oh man, i have waited so long for a nice new purse its ridiculous. and this one isn't a marc by marc, which is totally shocking for me. it's a michael kors

the good thing is that it was originally $450 and was marked down to $230 :)

anyway, last night garrick spent the night at my house and we just had dinner with my mum and dad and watched a couple movies. pretty mellow night and a nice day.

today i sent out my transcripts to the colleges i applied to. drove to dvc and when i got there they said you had to do it online. which i find extremely annoying. i just hope i sent em to the right addresses, becuz trying to find the addresses was hard. sometimes there was more then one and other times it was hard to even find the address number. if they get messed up im gunna be so pissed.

all right, nothing else has happened. need to save more money as always, should eat better....pretty normal stuff.

here are pictures from last night.

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